Bad Bunny Hairstyle **2021 – How to Get a Bad Bunny Hairstyle

Bad Bunny Hairstyle

It’s no surprise that the hair of Puerto Rican singer-dancer-actor-performer-actress-writer-performer Bad Bunny has drawn some inspiration from hip-hop’s greatest stylists. Much has been said, discussed and debated about what are the best looking hairstyles in rap music. Some people have pointed out that New York hip-hop stylist Nelly has an uncanny ability to pull off complex hairstyles that are as great looking as they are innovative. Others have cited Spanish artist Moetien as having a similar effect on their hairstyles. Bad Bunny may be a new voice in the pantheon of rap hairstyles, but the inspiration that come from stylists who have gone before him is nothing if not inspiring.

Bad Bunny has a unique way of cutting his hair. In a similar vein to many modern barbers, he prefers to start with a short, tapered haircut then take it up a little bit, edging around the ears and curling back. When he is done, the hair is sleek and straight, with the hairline often being quite a bit longer than it would be at a salon or hair cutting studio. This long hair often covers his face rather well, creating a very sleek silhouette that compliments the shape of his face. In some cases the hair has been cut so low that Bad Bunny can barely see. A typical Bad Bunny design would be worn in a shaggy style, with the hair tied back.

This is one of the more basic styles. Bad Bunny begins with a fairly flat cut, perhaps a quarter of an inch above the ears. Then he plays with the shape by making some small adjustments along the hairline and side of the head. With scissors, he cuts off some hair at the front to give himself a shaggy look. After that he starts working on the top of the head, making sharp incisions along the side of the hairline and curling up the hair. Once he has made these corrections, he re-curls the hair back at the bottom before putting it away.

How to Get a Bad Bunny Hairstyle

Some of the most classic Bad Bunny hairstyles are ones that have been handed down through the generations. These include the Fun hair cut, the Charlie Chan hair design, and the bald look. The Fun hair cut is an extremely simple one; all that is needed is to remove hair from the sides of the head and any remaining hair is cut away. Charlie Chan hairstyles are usually very sleek and designed to frame the face. Bald designs can range from the classic pixie cut to the blunt bang style.

Any of these barber hair design styles can be modified to fit a customer’s needs. For example, shaving the back of the head to create a bald spot can be done, while having hair left over in the sides for a layered look. If the customer wants to create a buzz, then shortening the hair will help in that regard. Any customer can go as low or high as they want in their hairstyle. Many customers do opt for colored hair when getting a barber to do their hair. Having the hair colored a certain color will also help with concealing the hair cut.

A Bad Bunny hair design can be done to almost any size or shape. It is not limited to hair alone anymore. They usually carry matching barber shears so that it is easier to complete the haircut. Barbers who are skilled at Bad Bunny styling can also provide haircuts for friends and family. Such skill has not been proven yet, but many barbers are able to do this kind of style.

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